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Our Custom Shoes

CUSTOM can mean anything from simply custom colors to making shoes to the exact dimensions of your feet and more. That's why we offer two variations of CUSTOM.

"TRUE to YOU" Custom Cycling Shoes
We take all of your individual right and left foot measurements and select the appropriate lasts for each of your feet. We have 41 sizes and 9 widths in 2 different last types, curved and straight. That's a staggering 369 different sizes and widths in 2 last styles, totaling 738 lasts! Next we will add modifications to the last to create a custom last just for you. Most last modifications are included at this level. Examples would be last modifications for a a custom toe line, prominent 5th met head, and bunions or bone spurs. And every pair of D2s ships with custom orthotics, which further assists in giving you a comfortable fit, proper lower body alignment and maximum power.

"Full Custom" Cycling Shoes
This is for riders with very unusual feet! If you have trouble buying street shoes "off the rack," then full CUSTOM may be for you. The one-time up-charge of $400 covers the cost to fabricate custom lasts and make the patterns for your shoes, above and beyond the base price of $975. After your first full CUSTOM shoes have been made, the next shoes you order will be priced the same as our PRECISION fit shoes. Please call for details, 805-420-9248.

Whichever D2 model you choose, your new D2s will fit TRUE to YOU!

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