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How to use the tools

These tools will make it easy to accurately measure your current cleat placement or figure your new cleat placement. The soles of shoes made by different manufacturers are all in different positions in relation to your feet. With these tools you can measure the cleat position in relation to your feet.

The first step is to get a measure the distance from the back of your heels to the center of the ball of your feet; or the 1st metatarsal head. I have found that the average ball of the foot is at about 72% of the entire foot length. This can vary greatly.

1. Put a small mark at the center of each of your "ball of the foot"

2. Place the square so that it just touches the back of your heel and the ball of your foot.

3. Read the measurement. The center of the dot is at 204.

4.Do this for both feet. and average the measurements. Let's say for example that the other center of ball measured at 198.
203+198=401\2=200.5 Round up to 201.

5. Look up the "Heel to Ball Length" of 201.
Now look across to the 95% column. You will see 191.
That is your recommended cleat placement for both shoes.

Click for full sized picture.

You now have the recommended cleat measurements. Keep in mind this is a recommendation. You can see that the chart will give the measurements from 65% up to 100% of the heel to ball length. 66% is Mid-Foot cleat. 100% is directly at the center of the ball. SO this chart can be used to measure and calculate your desired cleat position that you choose. Take my recommendation or not.

6. Set the cleat measuring tool to the desired measurement.
place the "zero point" tab in the center of the inside of the heel counter of the shoe.

7. turn the shoe over and line up the tool up so that the heel is in the center of the of the sole and the front part is over the front of the 3 cleat holes.

8. Mark the sole with a fine tip sharpie or similar.
Line up the spindle marks on the side of your cleat with the mark you put on the sole.

9. Line up the spindle marks on the side of your cleat with the mark you put on the sole. Mark the inside and outside edges.

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