D2-2D is the best on your feet

$1250 with orthotics
$1075 without orthotics

* High-power pro-level race shoe

* Features our state of the art "no stitch" technology

* Available in six standard colors, including BLACK - as well as over 400 custom colors, and Storylines™

* Wrapped in D2 carbon power-grid at mid-foot harness, carbon heel stirrup, and velcro bottom strap - for massive power transfer + maximum watts!

* Double Freelock closure system for maximum adjustablitly and power transfer.

* True hand-stitched + custom hand-perforated D2 uppers for perfect fit, durability and ventilation "vegan friendly"

* True custom hand-lasted shoes, soled with 10 degree hand-laid up carbon - deliver the perfect combo of rigidity, durability + comfort

* Every pair of D2-2Ds shipped with D2 custom orthotics; includes a 6-month "perfect fit" warranty.

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