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$1,290 with orthotics
$1,090 without orthotics

* Designed specifically for mountain biking, cyclocross, and adventure racing.

* Features Vibram soles with a cut out for  recessed cleats. We also make the slots extra long for more adjustment range. The sole in this picture is not the vibram sole.

* True bespoke custom shoes, handmade for you - no "heat-molding," plastic shells, spray-on graphics, gimmicks, or factories in third-world countries!

* True hand-stitched + hand-perforated D2 uppers strong, comfortable, super styling + "vegan friendly"

* True custom hand-lasted shoes, soled with 6-axis hand-laid composite carbon - deliver the perfect combo of rigidity, flex, durability + comfort.

* Every pair of MTBs shipped with D2 custom orthotics includes a 6-month "perfect fit" warranty.

* Available in a wide variety of D2 standard colors and looks - from Purist to Darth to Vegas + more!

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