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Cleat Placement

At D2SHOE we needed a way to drill the holes in the proper position without the riders' foot in the shoes. Originally we would make the orthotics from a plaster impression that was made by pouring plaster into the crush box foot impression. I would plot out the same calculations on the plaster model of the foot; then transfer that to the orthotic; then to the carbon sole prior to installing it to the upper.

Next it became obvious that the 5th met head was irrelevant. It was all about placing the cleat in relation to the strongest part of the foot; the 1st metatarsal and the musculature associated with it.  After countless calculations it always worked out to 95% of the back of the heel to the center of the 1st met head. To achieve a smoother spin I always average the measurements from both feet and place the spindle at that point: 95% of the averaged heel to center of 1st length. This is the recommended starting point; then adjust accordingly for your riding style. 

Cleat Placement Tools

These tools are currently not available. I am looking for a manufacturer., or 805-420-9248.

D2Shoe cleat measuring tools are the first tools to accurately place your cleats in the best position for you.

First we measure the heel to 1st length or both feet. Average that and find your perfect cleat position on the chart.

To transfer that position to your shoes you need our measuring tool. It measures from the inside of the back of the heel counter of any shoe to the outside bottom of the sole. This gives you the most accurate way to measure cleat position. No guess work anymore. The cleat is positioned in relation to your foot, not the sole of the shoe.

The cleat tool is anchored in the inside of the heel of the shoe. This means you can measure and take cleats from shoe to shoe, regardless of manufacturer with precision:

The cleat tool has a sliding adjustment that allows you to find your placement down to the millimeter and adjust angle of the cleat as well. Again allowing you to take cleats from shoe to shoe with precision:

This is the cleat placement chart. The chart will give you cleat measurements from 66% (Midfoot cleat) to 100% of heel to ball of foot.


Click the image for a larger view.

These tools are currently not available. I am looking for a manufacturer., or 805-420-9248


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